General & Deep Cleaning

Our cleaning services range from General cleaning to the more comprehensive Deep Cleaning service depending on your needs and requirements. Whether you are moving in or out of a premise, or simply wish to periodically ensure your premise is clean, we have you covered.

While a general cleaning should be done regularly to ensure that your house or establishment stays free of dust, dirt and other allergens, you should look into hiring us for deep cleaning your space if you have not been able to clean it properly yourself.

Our specialist professionals are experts in reaching every corner and ensuring all surfaces remain spotless and clean.

Upholstery Shampooing

We use the Dry shampooing method to clean your sofa and carpet furnishings. Heavy foot traffic and daily use adds layers of dirt, dust and a host of allergens to upholstery that cause unpleasant odors, a faded appearance, and can even aggravate existing allergies.

Dry shampooing uses a small amount of water, the foam generated acts like small sponges that soak up dirt and grime. Through the use of our cleaning machine, these sponges penetrate deep into the carpet fibers loosening up the dirt which are later extracted, leaving you with a restored finish.

Façade & Window Cleaning

Cleaning the outside of your house or building can be just as important as cleaning the inside, especially when it comes to curb appeal. We are specialists in restoring the look of your house and removing all accumulated rain and dust damage from the façade. Our service cleans the exterior wall, glass and windows, and any exterior fixtures. By regularly washing the façade of your premise, you can extend the life of your paint by at least 3 years.

We use a pressure washing pole system in which a low to medium water spray is applied to the exterior surface. The water pressure is adjusted as needed, followed by scrubbing with a bristle brush to remove all dust, grit, built-up dirt, bird droppings, and other blemishes from the surface.

Exterior & Outdoor Cleaning

We are experts in cleaning exterior hard surfaces and paving, as well as exterior fittings and fixtures such as lawn furniture and lighting. Our pressure washing solution is applied to your pavers, stone, and asphalt surfaces; removing gum, stains, dirt, and any blemishes or stains present. This restores them so you get bright, clean surfaces that last longer.

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